We live in Cyprus. The eastern most Island of the Mediterranean Sea. One of the most interesting of its many beautiful islands. We are from Limassol on the south coast of Cyprus.

Our workshop - packaging facility is in Kato Polemidia in the outskirts of Limassol very close to where the famous medieval castle stands in an area full of history.

Inside each Mellona jar, you will find a bit of the sun and the Mediterranean aura of our island!

Colossi castle was used by the Franks to defend their land from the Crusaders. South of the castle is the Fasouri area with its citrus groves Fasouri and rich honey production during spring when orange trees blossom.

Only 6 km to the west is the ancient Kourion site, one of the most important archaeological sites in Cyprus with its ancient theatre and magnificent Roman mosaics. In Kourion theatre ancient Greek drama was played in an- tiquity and it is used until today for concerts and plays.

Just below Kourion hill is the Kourion beach, one of the best swimming beaches of the Island.
When leaving Limassol, heading for Paphos you find the village of Erimi which has an extended olive grove and one of the best Olive Mills in the area.

Our own olives are milled there every November when the Koroneiki olive harvest begins. Limassol area is renowned for its traditional carob production. Carobs, the once called “black gold of Cyprus” where exported by the tons through Enaerios.

Also krasochoria “wine villages” which are vine cultivating villages are located in north of Limassol province. Beekeeping is thriving in many areas of Limassol province. During spring when citrus blossom, bee hives are moved to Fasouri area to collect orange blossom and other spring blossoms honey.

During the summer months we move beehives higher on the mountains where there are still flowers with enough nectar to support honey production. We love Cyprus and its unique high quality produce and we source our raw honey and other raw ingredients as much as possible form Cyprus.