Our short history is full of great experiences (here you’ll find only the good ones!) that shaped who we are now and what we offer.

  July 2017: Rebranding
Our new logo and new looks by Artemis Psathas is launched.

December 2016: Gastronomos quality awards

We win the prize in food innovation for our raw honey spreads and carob balsamic vinegar.


2015: Great export year

France, UK, Greece, USA, Hong Kong and the Middle East are some of the markets we export to. For the first time, revenue from exports exceeds that of local sales.


December 2014: 100,000 jars!

We celebrate the production of more than 100,000 jars of raw honey in one year for the first time.


October 2014: New production facilities

The small farm workshop is not big enough for our current production needs. We move to our new premises. Our investment in new machinery and equipment is partly funded by the EU through the LEADER program.


March 2013: USA partnership

Ariadne Pure Inc. becomes our partner in the USA. Through Ariadne, our products reach Seattle at first, and then other places of the US West Coast.


January 2013: Italian recognition

Mellona raw honey with hazelnuts wins the 3rd place in the Taste of Roma fine food fair. This is the best place won by a non-Italian product.


January 2013: International distribution agreement

Mellona products are represented by a prominent French company in the international market. The agreement is binding but not exclusive. Mellona’s exports expand even further, reaching Japan in the Far East.

October 2012: Balsamic Vinegar & EVOO

After 24 months of preparation and maturing, Mellona balsamic vinegar is released for the first time. At the same time, our single estate extra virgin olive oil is produced for the first time in significant quantities.

June 2012: Cyprus distribution partnership

Mellona signs a distribution agreement with a leading Cyprus distribution company. Mellona products are now available in major supermarkets and selected retail spots all over Cyprus.

October 2010: First international recognition

Mellona is honoured in Salon International de l'Alimentation (SIAL) Paris. SIAL is probably the biggest global food exhibition held every 2 years in Paris, France. Mellona participates in SIAL 2010 and its products are selected among thousands of products from all over the world to be individually showcased at the entrance of the main hall in the section “Trends and Innovations”.


September 2010: Natasa joins the family!

Stelios meets Natasa and they soon become life partners. During the early years of Mellona, Natasa’s support is invaluable. Michalakis is now retired. Stelios and Natasa put great amounts of energy and passion into the business and together, they create one of the best-known natural food-producing companies in Cyprus.


November 2009: Mellona enters HORECA

Mellona honey spreads are highly regarded by many professional chefs and so we start producing different packaging designs especially for hotels and restaurants. We launch a 28g individual portion glass jar and a 3kg catering packaging.

November 2009: First Export

Οur first export goes to Germany and the famous Sturmhaube restaurant in Kampen, a seaside resort in North Germany, well-known for its natural beauty.

October 2009: First international appearance

For the first time, we are participating in Anuga 2009, one of the world’s leading food fair taking place in Cologne, Germany. It is a very interesting experience!

May 2008: Mellona brand is born!

According to mythology, Mellona was the patron nymph of honeybees. The name Mellona derives from the Greek word μέλι (meli), meaning honey.


March 2008: Raw honey spreads

The raw honey spreads are born. Natural products like almonds, grape must and carobs are added to raw honey to create the first 4 flavours of our raw honey spreads. The products are commercialised later in the same year.


January 2007: New generation arrives

Stelios, Michalakis’ oldest son returns to Cyprus after his studies and turns his father’s ideas into reality. The first products Stelios launched were successful and a packaging unit is set up in the family farm in Fasouri. At the same time, Koroneiki olive trees are planted in a 10-hectare farm.

October 2006: An innovative production method

After a lot of research and hard work, Michalakis’ innovative production method for processing raw honey without heating it, is finalised. This pioneering method gives our honey spreads their unique creamy texture. It is the cornerstone of the development of the exquisite natural raw honey spreads that will follow.

April 2006: The beginning

Our history begins when Michalakis Stylianou wants to create what he can’t find on supermarket shelves: authentic natural unprocessed products.



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